Frequently Asked Questions

Each year, Coles Little League fields hundreds of questions regarding procedures, requirements and administration. In hopes of providing continuing members and those considering joining Coles Little League with answers to these questions, this FAQ page was developed to answer some of the more common questions posed. If after reading this page, you still have unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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1. What is Coles Little League?

Coles Little League is a non-profit organization, fully chartered with Little League Baseball Inc. to provide baseball and softball programs for youths aged 4 –to 18.
Who may play at Coles Little League?

Only those residing in the Coles Little League boundary area OR attending a school in the Coles Little League boundary area may register as new members. The boundary is located under About Coles > Coles Boundaries.  There are special circumstances where those living outside the boundary area may register.  Those include current members: those attending a school (k-12) located within the boundary area, those who move from the boundary area and do not break service (either by not playing for one season or registering with a different Little League program in their new boundary area), and those permitted to register because certain leagues do not offer specific programs.  If you do not live in our boundary area, but think you may fall under one of the above-mentioned circumstances, please contact us so that we may verify eligibility.

2. How do I register to play at Coles Little League?

You may register for Coles Little League by clicking this link or through one of the walk-in registration sessions listed on the calendar page.

3. What programs are available at Coles Little League?

Coles Little League offers various baseball programs for male and female youths aged 4 – 18. (Softball is now an independent organization from Coles Little League.)  For the 2017 baseball season, Coles Little League supplied 8 different programs.  For registration purposes, the ages listed below reflect the age of your child per the Little League guidelines at the Little League Age Calculator.  The T-Ball division is for boys and girls aged 4-6. This league is often a youngster’s first experience with organized baseball, and is structured so that participants learn Little League rules and the fundamentals of the game. Players hit a stationary ball placed on a “T” and coaches are placed throughout the field to provide instruction and encouragement. The Rookie Machine division is for boys and girls aged 6-8. This league focuses on refining the fundamental skills of Little League baseball in a relaxed, but more controlled environment than other advanced divisions. Players hit balls pitched to them from a pitching machine.  Six year olds who have played at least one year of TBall are eligible to play in this division per the request of the parents.  The Modified Machine Pitch Division is for boys and girls aged 7-9 who have played at least one season of Rookie Machine Pitch and introduces kid pitch in the latter innings of the game.  The AAA Minor League Division accommodates boys and girls aged 8-11, while the Major League division is for boys and girls aged 10-12. The AAA Minor League division is constructed to provide continuing support and emphasis on the fundamentals and rules of the game.  The Major League division, while emphasizing fundamentals and rules, is constructed to provide a more competitive approach. The Junior League division is for boys and girls aged 13-14. This program is the first division for our 90’ base-path fields. It is competitive in nature, but designed to focus on new fundamentals and rules associated in the jump from 60’ fields to 90’ fields. The Senior League division is for boys and girls aged 15-16. This division continues to provide instruction on the fundamentals and rules of the 90’ program, but is more competitive than the Junior League. The Challenger League division is for handicapped and other impaired boys and girls aged 5-18. This program is focused on providing the fun associated with Little League baseball to participants. Boys and girls from other divisions within Coles Little League serve as “buddies” to help and encourage during the games.


4. When and Where are games and practices?

Practices begin on or around April 1. Games generally begin on the third Saturday in April.  Practices and games are scheduled, depending on division, seven days a week. Weekday games may be scheduled to start between 5:00pm and 7:00 pm for all divisions. Weekend games are scheduled throughout the day. Practice locations are scheduled in advance, but practice times depend largely on the manager of each team, but not before 5:00pm on weekdays. For games and practices, you can expect to be asked to arrive at the field between 5:00pm and 7:00pm on weekdays. Teams are normally scheduled for two games and one practice each week.

Where are games and practices held?

Games and practices are held at various locations. The main game fields are located at George Hellwig Park. Currently, all games on the 60' field will be played at either this site or Marshall Elementary. Most 90' games will be played at George Hellwig Park, but games against other District 9 and District 10 games may be played at their fields. Practices are held at local elementary school fields in the area in addition to our game fields. Check the locations section of this site for more information.


5. How does Coles Little League make up teams?

There are different procedures for the construction of teams at each level.  T-Ball and the Rookie and Coach Pitch divisions teams are constructed based on neighborhood location and personal requests.  For the AAA Minor divisions and higher, teams are constructed through try-out and draft sessions.  Any special requests would have to be honored by the team managers during the draft, as the league cannot direct team placement at these levels.

SENBB - For players league age 15-16.  SENBB players who are not returning as a member of a SENBB team from the prior spring season need to attend at least one of the tryout sessions.

JUNBB - For players league age 13-14.  JUNBB players who are not returning as a member of a JUNBB team from the prior spring season need to attend at least one of the tryout sessions.

MAJBB - For players league age 10-12.  Players league age 9-11, who are not returning as a member of a MAJBB from the prior spring season, and who want to be considered as a candidate to be drafted on to a MAJBB team, need to attend at least one of the tryout sessions.  All league age 12 players will be placed on a MAJBB team.

MINBB - For players league age 8-11.  League age 10-11 players, who were not drafted onto a MAJBB team, will be placed on a MINBB team.  League age 9 players, who attended at least one of the tryout sessions and were not drafted onto a MAJBB team, are eligible to be drafted onto a MINBB team.  League age 8 players, with a signed parent's permission and attendance at one of the tryout sessions, are eligible to be drafted onto a MINBB team. League age 8 and 9 year olds not drafted will be placed on a coach pitch team..

6. Can I request placement with a coach or player?

Yes. You can request placement with a specific manager, coach or player; and although Coles Little League will do everything it can to grant your request, there is no guarantee that it can/will be honored, especially in those divisions where teams are built through the competitive draft. Coles Little League follows our constitution and the Little League Rule Book for team selections in AAA kid pitch and above. Requests for placement on specific T-Ball, Machine Pitch and Coach Pitch teams generally can be honored.

7. How can I volunteer with Coles Little League?

Coles Little League is always looking for volunteers. If you would like to manage, coach, umpire or serve in any other capacity with Coles Little League, please use our volunteer application located online and submit it.  Someone will get in contact with you about volunteering!

8. Is playing Little League Baseball safe?

Yes. Little League baseball has strict safety requirements designed to minimize injuries associated with a competitive sport. Coles Little League has a specifically designed safety plan each year, and a volunteer from each team is required to attend a safety clinic. All volunteers are required to present photo identification, and are verified against criminal registries to further protect all involved. With any sport that involves physical activity and a moving projectile, injuries can occur. Coles Little League can assure you that safety is our top priority, and we do everything possible to ensure the safety of all participants. As a sign of our commitment to safety, you can download a copy of the league's Safety Plan from the Information for Parents page.  If you have any further safety concerns about the risks associated with baseball/softball, please contact your doctor.

9. How do I edit my answer to the Team Site attendance poll?

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